Sunday, March 20, 2011

For the Sake of the Libyan People

The events today in Libya are long overdue considering Muammar Qaddafi's actions towards his people in the wake of the troubles in the Middle East in the past couple months, but, as the saying goes, late is better than never.

The rebels who had had the momentum and captured many important cities in the country had lost it and were the victims of their own leader, a malicious tryrant who has no problems victimizing his own people just as he has victimized the world over the years with his support for international terrorism. Even though the no fly zone should have been insituted weeks ago when the rebels had the initiative and even though it would've been preferred if the US had taken the lead and not waited on international organizations such as the UN, we can only hope that the actions taken by this coalition which includes French, British, and US naval and air assets, will suffice to take out enough of his military assets so that it is demoralized enough to not only result in defections, but also allow for a boost in the rebels morale.

Much debate has gone on in the wake of the revolts in the Middle East as to what the US role should be, especially with President Obama in the Oval Office, but it should be remembered that just because the occupant of the White House changes, it does not alter the fact that the US should remain the leader of the world and keep its moral imperative to aid people when in need regardless of whether it is popular or not. If we do not act, and wait for other countries to and depend on the UN in the future, it will only result in more suffering. Hopefully President Obama will learn from this and realize that as president of the United States, you must lead. It does not mean you act alone, but you must be the one who leads the world and comes to the aid of rebels when they call for you.


Marta Clavero said...

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Glenn King said...

It is a shame that this blog seems to have become inactive. Given the dishonor that this nation has incurred in relation to both Syria and Egypt, now is a time in which realistic interpretations of Neocon moral ideals and a movement to support these is very much needed.